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Project | 01
Music to 3D mesh

Using the standard FFT algorithm and Poisson surface reconstruction, I used python routed into MeshLab to create 3d models out of ordinary mp3 files. The files shown here are from left to right: The first ever phone call made and the profoundly influential songs "Strange Fruit" and "Stonewall nation."

Project | 02
Orignial Costume Design meets Animated NFTs

In this collaboration, I created real, tangible costumes from 3d printed, sculpted and welded materials. After photographing myself wearing the pieces, I collaborated with an incredible animator named Shiroart who helped bring my otherworldly vision to light. 

Random Quantum Walk

In physics, there is a common toy problem called the random quantum walk which essentially models the movement of a particle given only two options. A coin flip model. After transferring this model into python, I formed a mesh and printed it in abs filament. 

Project | 03
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